Maksiprint Kompjuteri LTD is company that offers you something that is invaluable. This company was established with private equity and 3 employees in 1992, today is a company with 8 employees (qualified people and management team in charge of the various segments in the process of doing business), thanks to you our faithful and loyal customers. Today we are one of the leading IT and technical security companies and we aim to provide you with only the best of the industry. Despite major Macedonian companies and government organizations we also sell to end users. We offer part of the world famous companies and their products for securing your home, office, company, shop, etc. with derivatives that are actually most needed things even in the future to come. We realize that satisfying the needs of providing in these new time-time of information society and finding a real security system is very essential for you and therefore we provide the best with the most reasonable prices. As of sales and service of computer equipment, simple alarm against intruders in the home to highly customized surveillance systems equipped with surveillance cameras, design and implementation of information systems, designing and construction of alarm systems, video surveillance systems and systems for recording working hours. In a one word  we have everything you need for you and protect your home and property. From day to day our retail network spreads. Not coincidentally, many of the Macedonian companies cooperate with our company. Cooperate and you will understand why people trust us when it comes to security and IT technology. Whatever your needs are, we have dedicated solution for them. The trust that is given from current customers allow us us to provide only the best for you with the highest standard. We hope that in the future will maintain the standard of quality and trust because you and your trust are our most important.

About Maksiprint

Maksiprint Kompjuteri LTD is licensed company for working in the field of Technical Security. We offer sales and installation of surveillance equipment, alarm system, door and video phones, access control and time attendance systems. Maksiprint also offers service and maintenance of these mentioned equipment. Maksiprint has license from DEPARTMENT OF PROTECTION AND RESCUE for installation and servicing Fire Alarms.


Address: Bulevar Turisticka 4

Phone: +38946262500


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