Immediate, Professional, Efficient Maintaining computer systems with annual contracts

 Maxiprint Computers has its own modern equipped service for computer systems, personal computers, printers and other IT products. We offer professional, immediate and quality service for a decent price. We posses modern technology which is a guarantee for the high quality of our service. With a team of competent people we are sure we can meet the customers’ demands. The professional staff is always there for you to help solve the problems with your PCs, Notebooks, Monitors, Printers, UPS devices, Photocopiers, Networking equipment, Fax and Phone machines, Alarm systems, Video surveillance systems. The service department also guarantees for the competent service for LG, HP, EPSON, OKI, BROTHER, KTC, PROVIEW, SAMSUNG and other world brands .

 Which are the advantages of the contracts for maintaining?

 In the modern world of IT technology the most important is confident and accurate work of the PCs. Sometimes the transportation to the Service Department can be a problem,i.e. the equipment can be damaged and together with it all your confidential data may be forever lost. With the contracts for maintenance that we offer, you can save time and nerves. You get a direct contact with the people in charge who are there to prevent the possible damaging of the equipment and the software as well. Maxiprint Computers according to the law regulations approves guarantee period from 12 to 36 months as it is stated in the documents, in this period the firm is bound to solve the defects and the technical problems of the products. The service is usually done in the service department and ,when necessary, it can be done on the spot.

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About Maksiprint

Maksiprint Kompjuteri LTD is licensed company for working in the field of Technical Security. We offer sales and installation of surveillance equipment, alarm system, door and video phones, access control and time attendance systems. Maksiprint also offers service and maintenance of these mentioned equipment. Maksiprint has license from DEPARTMENT OF PROTECTION AND RESCUE for installation and servicing Fire Alarms.


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